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We Manufacture the most powerful extractors/ ETM on the market- hands down! Now let us reward our loyal customers with whole-sale pricing. No gimmicks, no catch, just powerful extractors with the best price on the market. Call for more details, you won't believe this deal!! Limited time only.

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"Picking the right portable has been extremely important to the success of my
business. I have been using a Cross-American Jaguar for the last three years and
have been extremely happy with the reliability and performance of this machine.
It is the little things that add up to make a great machine. Things like electrical lines
and vacuum hoses that hold up when used day after day. Heavy-duty motors and
pumps that are designed to handle heavy usage and go the distance. Things like
tanks that allow you to see how much water you have.
I have used my Jaguar for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning. It
provides great performance and flexibility. I have great vacuum up to 125 feet with
two-inch hose and could go further if needed.
I appreciate Cross-American keeping the same great design over the years while
continuing to make improvements as new technologies comes along. This allows
me to focus on building my business instead of having to worry about equipment
problems. A bit of routine maintenance is all that is needed to keep this machine

If you are looking for a great portable with proven performance I highly recommend
the Cross-American Jaguar!"

-Lee,   Owner of Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning 

Mission Statement


Mission Statement


Our mission since 1977, has always been to provide the  very best USA built carpet cleaning extractors and carpet cleaning equipment for the Professional Carpet Cleaner using  brand named , time tested and proven industrial components. Components  which you can rely on to do the job without the common problems the  operator may have experienced with their typical generic squirt & suck machine(s). It is also to provide top  quality at a very, very affordable price thus offering the serious  Operator a real choice  of acquiring a bigger bang for the buck! No question; No debate; and No compromise.


Thousands of satisfied customers globally!

"Join the Pack" and deliver the greatest results to your customers with our state of the art ETM systems!


Leaders in Cleaning Technology

Our carpet cleaning machines and equipment are state of the art and built with the heart and soul of our foundation- providing the latest technology and convenience all for the professional carpet cleaner for efficient and easy on the job use.

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What We do


Manufacture for the Professional Cleaner

Manufacture for the Professional Cleaner

Manufacture for the Professional Cleaner

 Don't stress about your current situation. You are stuck with  inefficient carpet cleaning equipment, truckmount systems, or equipment that is bleeding you with those very  high and seemingly endless monthly payments! Just slow down and stop  working harder. Instead, work smarter! We have designed two unbelievable  proven Workhorses to help make those tough jobs easier, those endless  hours, shorter, and that bottom line Larger! 


Distribute World Wide

Manufacture for the Professional Cleaner

Manufacture for the Professional Cleaner

 We have 230/240v carpet cleaning electric truckmount systems available in both high performance models. And,  we have replacement parts available on request for easy, simple  replacement or repairs. All it takes is an e-mail and we will respond  asap! 


Support our Customers

Manufacture for the Professional Cleaner

Support our Customers

You are our number one priority,  period. No sugar- coating; no typical sales talk; or mis-direction. Just  common sense and answers so you can get back to work cleaning, or make that  purchasing decision the right one for a change. No pressure; No hassles!