Beale Carpet Cleaning , CA.



We use our equipment from Cross-American and could not be more  pleased with not only the quality of the equipment, but also with the  endurance of it as well as how well everything functions. We have never  not been satisfied with any of our purchases over the years and  Cross-American has helped us continue to succeed in our business.

The  equipment is made to last and has the best performance out of any of the  equipment we have used over the years. Not only is their product far  superior but their customer service is the best in the country. We will  continue to have Cross-American as our #1 choice as long as we are in  business. We highly recommend this company, for their products as well  as their commitment to satisfied customers!

Buddy & Jillian Beale


Jim Bernard  Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning ; ILL.



In  all of my 44+ years in the carpet cleaning business I have owned  several other extractors, including a Butler truck mount, and I consider  the 8.4 Jaguar to be the so called ‘Butler’ of the ETM cleaning systems  available in today’s market. I  have had my 8.4 for 4 years this month and it has been a very  dependable and reliable machine. In fact, I can say I have never had a  breakdown while doing a job.  One  of the things that separates this machine from the other ETM's in  today's market is it is lightweight (considering it has 2- 16 gallon  transparent  tanks which  makes it easy to see when to fill up and dump  when using it as free standing portable.) Also,  the solution pump along with the twin 8.4 vacs are quite amazing in  this unit. I have effectively cleaned as far as 250 ft and run it for  over 6 hrs at a time in 85 degrees +.  My customers have commented to me that their carpets have never dried as fast after having them cleaned by other companies.  I run my unit in a 5 x 8 enclosed  trailer with a side door using the auto fill /dump and a water softener at all times. So,  if you’re just getting started or are a seasoned carpet cleaner, save  yourself a lot of time and MONEY and get an MX2 - you will not be  disappointed with your purchase.  
P.S This testimonial was based on the old 8.4 jaguar, the new and improved   Cross-American Jaguar MX-2 is even better.  

  Jim Bernard  Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 

John Bolton, UK



"After  building all my extraction machines for about 27 years, I chose to buy a  Recoil 3HP from Cross American so that the innovative tank design could  form the basis of my next machine. To my surprise I made just a few  modifications to suit my needs and this became what was to be known a  the Scorpion.  I used that machine for a number of years, without the need for any  repairs - even the motor brushes in the three 5.7" Ametek vacuum units  did not require changing.  
It was shortly after obtaining the Recoil that I first spoke to Ed.  Strait away I felt that I had met a kindred spirit who was so much more  that an equipment salesman. He is a cleaner turned engineer with an  insight into what is really required from the machine and constantly  strives to improve and evolve. Unlike some other manufacturers who  simply put the same innards into a different case, Ed has kept the best  of the earlier offering and concentrated on what really matters -  durability in a machine with a great power-to-weight ratio and balance  that make handling a dream.  
That first machine of mine has now evolved to the Jaguar MX2 and though we have never met, being on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Ed has become a firm friend. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with him."     
John Bolton; UK,  MBICSc Proprietor of Dynafoam since 1966

Raymond Pollard; WV



"I purchased the Jaguar 8.4 and the Cub about 6 months ago. So far the machines have been operating just fine. I  love the fact that I can run the ETM from the van so far at about 125  feet! I always wanted to run from the van but at the moment have mo  desire for an expensive truck mount or a used truck mount that will  become a headache and a mechanics gravy train. I machine has great power  and versatility along with a lot of nice features. Of course no machine  is perfect and neither is any truck mount but both machines serve my  needs just fine. I'm a simple guy and like simple easy to use equipment  but that will provide high quality results. "

Justin Arndt ; Geo.



Date: Tue, Jun 25, 2019  
I had ordered an 8.4 jaguar from you several years ago and it has been  nothing but awesome to me! 

 I see the mx2 is out, and looks great.  Is  there anyway to upgrade my 8.4 for the bigger 3.5gpm pump out and also  the newer style tower filter.  I’ll be purchasing the mx2 some time soon  down the road but my jag still has plenty of life left in her!  The  bigger pump out is awesome and would definitely help me on tile jobs and  flood scenarios.  

Econo-Kleen Testimonial; PA



“We purchased our first Jaguar 8.4 machine last March of  2018. The machine’s functionality is amazing. We’ve simply impressed  many customers (residential and commercial) with our cleanings. The  improvements from our last machine are tremendous! We recently just  purchased our second machine and would highly recommend the Jaguar 8.4!  The capability it has with using it from the van or as a portable, plus  the power the machine possesses, has helped our business grow!”


Thanks Ed!

Kyle Witucki


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